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DORMA Exit Pad

Easy and convenient to open, thanks to the DORMA Exit Pad It is installed on the door leaf and the latch engages in a keeper on the door frame.

  • For horizontal and vertical panic lock mechanisms
  • Various locking options
  • No visible fixings
  • Quick and easy installation

Product details

Product description

DORMA Exit Pads are products that are mounted on the door leaf, with a latch that engages in a strike plate on the door frame. As in the case of panic exit devices PHA 2000 and PHB 3000, Exit Pads also meet the requirements of EN 179 as surface-mounted products without connection to a separate lock.

The emergency exit devices in the DORMA Exit Pad series are tested to and certified compliant with EN 179. All products meet the requirements of Annex ZA to EN 179 and are therefore qualified to bear the mark of conformity.

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