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DORMA ITS 96 Door Closer

The ITS 96 system offers an extensive range of solutions for the covered installation of door closers. The door-closing system can be integrated into nearly any door or frame and offers a high range of functions for single-leaf and double-leaf doors. Optionally available with hold-open function. The EASY OPEN technology enables a rapidly decreasing opening torque in accordance with German Industrial Standard (DIN) SPEC 1104, which makes it easy to pass through the door.

  • Concealed installation
  • Door leaf thickness ≥ 40 mm
  • Cushioned limit stay
  • Optional hold-open
  • Adjustable latch action
  • Anti-tamper protection

Product details

Invisible slide channel door closer system

The integrated solution for representative doors. The closer and slide channel have such a compact design that they allow for a concealed installation in the door and frame. At the same time they offer the typical user convenience and wide range of functions typical for high-quality door closers.

Thanks to its extraordinarily compact construction, the DORMA ITS 96 door closer can be used in nearly all doors with a door leaf width of 40 mm or higher, while guaranteeing safety with its proven quality. The EASY OPEN technology offers the advantages of easy access for everyone especially in barrier-free buildings. Two variants for door leaf widths up to 1100 or 1400 mm offer high flexibility.


G 96 GSR-EMF 1 – Cost-efficiency and security in the system

The 96 GSR-EMF 1 hold-open system allows the two leaves of a double door to be individually held open.
The slide channel closing coordinator with integrated electromechanical hold-open in the inactive leaf can be combined with standard components from the ITS 96 system.

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