Reslam was born in 2014 due to a requirement within a large banking group who use the dormakaba Axessor IP Series of safe locks. The bank dramatically improved the operational efficiency of their ATM cubicle infrastructure access by extending the functionality of their locks to enable online network connectivity via the dormakaba e-B@x and by adding the Reslam software solution. Moreover, Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology is being used extensively to protect the platform, which also currently protects the software for installing and managing the dormakaba Axessor Series of locks.

In addition to the Reslam Remote Opening and Reslam Mobile Solution, Reslam provides supplementary tools to enhance the online functionality. The tools include the highly successful Reslam Remote Monitoring solution as well as the Reslam Web Services, which enable deeper integration into existing legacy systems.  A new product was recently launched called Reslam Vault Control, which allows for third-man authorisation and automated code generation within environments where no external network connectivity is available such as in high security cash centres.

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