Door Tablet


Door Tablet is a comprehensive solution for managing workspaces with interactive signage.  This includes meeting room schedule displays, hot desk & hoteling solutions, and large screen Wayfinder displays to indicate groups of physical resources, their status and availability.

Door Tablet integrates with any scheduling system: Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Workspace, Planon and more.  The solution also integrates with proprietary schedule systems such as university academic systems, medical facility schedule systems and hotel scheduling systems.

Facilities with access control management using dormakaba can now leverage the integration of Door Tablet for total resource management.  Using Door Tablet with dormakaba enables an organization to control access to sensitive areas, based on schedule. 

Door Tablet operates as a native app on most tablet operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows.  We recommend using purpose-built, professional Door Tablet displays that include mounting kits, LED lights, PoE, and in some cases built-in RFID/NFC/HiD readers.

The strength of Door Tablet lies in its power of configuration, customisation, features and integrations with other smart building solutions.  It enables an organisation to deploy an enterprise grade solution, for any size deployment.  The solution is reliable, flexible, modular, and expandable.  It’s also completely customisable, both in terms of looks and business rules.    


Door Tablet
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