MUNDUS patch fittings

MUNDUS patch fittings are striking in appearance thanks to their elegant shape with straight edges and radiused corners, their high-quality materials.


Thanks to the highly variable, multi-dimensional adjustability of the patch fittings, the door can be optimally aligned following installation.

  • Clean design without visible fixings
  • Wide range of finishes, colors and high-quality materials
  • Easy to install, easy to adjust – multi-dimensional adjustment even when mounted
  • Flexible settings for glass widths
  • Easy to retrofit – covers the most important glass cut-outs
  • Suitable for laminated safety glass


Clean design with different finishes, colors and materials

There are no fixings to disrupt the smooth surface. And to ensure that their alluring appearance lasts, the cap consists of 2 mm thick – and thus particularly robust – material in the form of either stainless steel or aluminum.
Various attractive collections are available to adapt the patch fittings to the architectural finishes and color scheme of the build.

Easy to install, easy to adjust

With MUNDUS, the entire door can be adjusted with multi-dimensional variability, allowing the vertical gap dimensions to be infinitely adapted and ensuring perfect alignment of the pivot point and the zero position.

Flexible settings for glass widths

With MUNDUS, customers will need no gaskets to adjust the base plates for different glass thicknesses, as MUNDUS therefor offers an adjustment.
Instead of gasket replacement, all that is required is the adjustment of two screws.
Glass thicknesses of 8–12 mm, 12–15 mm, 15–19 mm and 19–22 mm can be each installed with a single, adjustable fitting.

Easy to retrofit – covers the most important glass cut-outs

MUNDUS can also be retrofitted to existing installations by simply replacing the patch fittings. Through its variability it is able to cover the most common glass cut-outs used or required around the world, making it particularly suitable as a retrofit solution.

Suitable for laminated safety glass

The established DORMA Clamp & Glue technology for the installation of laminated safety glass. Additional adhesive bonding ensures a firm hold with the fitting permanently joined to the glass.

Technical specifications at a glance (MUNDUS Premium)

  • Max. load-bearing capacity: 200 kg
  • Possible glass thickness in mm: 8–12; 12–15; 15–19; 19–22
  • Supported pivot points in mm: 55, 65, 70
  • Pivot point adjustability in mm: Infinite 52–73
  • Zero position adjustment: +/- 1.5°
  • Adjustability of the door/insert: Multi-dimensional
  • Test cycles to EN 12400: 1,000,000
  • Corrosion class to EN 1670: 4