The innovative Clamp & Glue technology ensures enhanced safety in the use of laminated safety glass for horizontal sliding walls. The new 3-in-1 multilock offers three options for secure locking. Additional intelligent solutions like a status display, a concealed door closer and double brush seals likewise ensure more convenience and security. Extensive design freedom allows adaptation to any interior ambience.

  • Innovative Clamp & Glue technology
  • Status display
  • 3-in-1 multilock and additional intelligent solutions
  • Safety in use and elegant design


Innovative Clamp & Glue Technology

The innovative Clamp & Glue adhesive bonding technology means that, for the first time, laminated glass with all its safety advantages can be incorporated by simply clamping and bonding the door rail to the glass surface.

Intelligent solutions for more convenience and security

Security and convenience in one. The top door locking device clearly shows the locking status of the door panel on the status display. This gives the user a greater feeling of reassurance and security.

Multilock. Three locking possibilities in one component

The new multilock system opens up a new world of simplicity. It combines three locking possibilities in one compact element and can be installed effortlessly in the bottom door rail.
The options for secure locking are: front locking device, side locking device and cylinder lock.