Argus HSB-M03 Self-Boarding

  • Argus HSB sensor barriers

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  • Argus HSB sensor barriers

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Long passenger boarding time is one of biggest causes of delay at airports. This results not only in passenger inconvenience but also in security risks and millions in costs.

Self-boarding gates help in reducing queues and improving service levels. As the majority of passengers proceed to board the aircraft using these automatic gates, the ground staff is more available to those that need assistance, such as older or disabled passengers or passengers with small children.

Kaba is a pioneer in providing quick boarding gates worldwide. With thousands of gates installed around the world, the company has gained unprecedented experience in working together with other partners, such as airlines, airport operators, architects and installers.

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  • Fast flow of passengers thanks to shorter waiting times
  • Passengers enter the correct aircraft
  • Ground staff gain more time for other tasks
  • First/Business Class passengers are checked separately
  • Compatible with all biometric methods

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