The concept

exivo is the smart access concept for your individual access needs. Enjoy the wide-ranging possibilities of cutting-edge digital access control.

Renato Serafini

"We developed exivo because our customers are often on the move and need to manage access to different locations. It must be practical, stable and fast. Realizing seamless integration of our systems and door components as well as the interface for further platforms via our API is an integral part of our concept."

Renato Serafini, Head of Global Business Development & Sales
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All access rights can be assigned or withdrawn anytime from anywhere. The benefit here is that you can control access simply and efficiently without having to spend time installing and maintaining additional infrastructure. The Internet isn't running? That's no problem either, because the latest data is stored on the door controllers and gateways, so your users can still get in.

You change and grant access rights at any time. If you don't have your laptop, no problem, open the exivo app and manage it from your mobile phone or tablet.

Our access control system complies with the EU GDPR and guarantees the protection of sensitive personal data. Do your premises contain prized items, expensive equipment or valuable goods? With exivo, you have the added security of knowing that, at any time, you can trace who had access to which areas and when.

You decide, which doors to secure with smart digital door locks, which access rights you want to grant and when. Wherever you are – whether with a mobile device or a PC. The API enables you to integrate exivo into your booking platform, so you no longer need to hand over keys on site. 

Your first steps to introducing exivo:
Digitalise your doors. Find out more about our electronic door components here.
Move your access management into the cloud. Find out more about the exivo cloud solution here.