Software and Functions

Software and Functions

exivo is cloud-based. This means that all the data is available around the clock – and accessible from wherever you are in the world. 

With exivo, the focus is on individual user needs: our smart system enables you to define access times, users, groups and spaces using your mobile device or PC – whenever and wherever you want. 

Main functions

  • Simple, quick configuration of access times, spaces and access rights 
  • Overview of all employee and visitor access rights
  • No need for separate access media – users can be sent digital keys 
  • Free choice of access media – choose between cards, key fobs, smart keys or digital keys on smartphones 
  • Remote opening function – open doors remotely at your fingertips 
  • Simple integration of storerooms, lockers and more
  • Transparent overview and seamless documentation of all access events
  • Reliable status reports in the event of a fault
  • Professional system support from qualified specialists

Optional functions

  • Mobile access function – unlock doors with your mobile phone 
  • Shared doors – where two companies with two systems share ONE main entrance, the shared doors function is the solution 
  • Visitor function – time restrictions for controlled visitor access 
  • Connectivity function – integrate exivo into your existing system via API – exivo can be incorporated into your booking system, your membership management system or your building app. Perhaps you would like to integrate your lighting or heating system, for example, or even your music system too?

Mobile Access
The mobile access function 

The mobile access function lets you send a digital key to a smartphone, and the recipient can instantly use it to access the specified space. 

It couldn’t be easier: use the exivo app to send an email, SMS or chat message to the user of your choice. The recipient can download and use the digital key instantly. It’s all made possible by our smart door components: using a wireless connection, the smart locks can immediately recognise the relevant digital key.

Make the most of the unlimited possibilities of mobile access.