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Improved service for you and your customers: integrated access management on your platform – thanks to exivo

exivo, the cloud-based access solution, lets you automatically link reservations on a platform to the transfer of access rights via the comprehensive “ application programming interface” (API). So, no matter which platform you use for your services - from B&B reservations to managing shared premises or reserving rooms and resources: exivo helps you to automate the assigning of access rights with a minimum of effort. Linking access to your services generates appreciable added value for you and your customers.

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Take advantage of the following benefits

  • Offer your customers additional services
  • Optimise your processes
  • Save labour and resource costs
  • Make the most of your potential

When is API integration practical?

  • If you use a platform or mobile application to interact with customers and service providers
  • If you need customised solutions and functions
  • If access to rooms is going to be an integral part of your service

exivo – use it anywhere

The services industry is highly diversified – just like exivo’s deployment possibilities – especially when it comes to linking them into existing platforms. Optimise your reservation processes by assigning rights online.

  • Fast reservation
  • No media transfer
  • Unrestricted flexibility

Sports facilities
Maybe your customers want to use the pool, gym or tennis court very early or late in the evening. Reservation and instant transfer of access rights is performed by exivo with no need for staff presence. This lets you operate a 24/7 service and provide heating and lighting systems on demand.

Hotel and residential complexes
Save yourself and guests/tenants the bother of handing over keys. As soon as residents reserve a room on the platform they are instantly assigned the rights for it. Extras, like access to car parks or meeting rooms can also be easily integrated into the system.

Whenever a lot people need access, it is important to ensure effective control. In residential homes especially, you only want to grant access to authorised persons. exivo lets you do just that. Access control to school gyms and dormitories works just as easily. A similar scenario is offered at the workplace with shared offices. Here, too, exivo provides you with seamless documentation and full control.

Thumbnail exivo Plattformintegration (API) - Whitepaper

exivo Plattformintegration (API) - Whitepaper

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