exivo: This is how other branches secure their premises.

Shared Offices / Coworking Spaces
exivo for Shared offices / Coworking spaces

Space is a precious commodity and an important part of your business model. Your customers want easy and flexible access to your services. How easy you make it for your customers to use your premises around the clock says a lot about your business. With exivo you assign access authorizations easily and flexibly. It is also possible that your customers use their smartphone to get access to the booked rooms.

exivo for Retail

Several locations, many part-time employees, different suppliers: In your business, you have to take many aspects into account to ensure access to your premises. If there is a delivery outside business hours, exivo allows you to grant access rights around the clock - without anyone having to be on site. And if an employee falls ill, you can simply and immediately transfer access rights to the representative.

Sports facilities
exivo for Sports facilities

Your customers may want to go to the swimming pool, gym or tennis court very early or late in the evening. With exivo the booking and the incoming transmission of access rights works without the need of staff on site. Thus, it enables a 24/7 operation, where you can always keep an overview and adjust heating and lighting systems to the usage.

Hotel and residential complexes
exivo for Hotel and residential complexes

Save yourself and guests/tenants the bother of handing over keys. As soon as residents reserve a room on the platform they are instantly assigned the rights for it. Extras, like access to car parks or meeting rooms can also be easily integrated into the system.

exivo for Schools and Universities

exivo for Schools and Universities

Whenever many people need access, it is important to regulate this access. In dormitories, you only want to allow access to authorized persons. With exivo you can manage this exactly. This is just as easy with the access control for sports halls. A similar scenario can be used for work rooms of teaching staff. Thanks to exivo you benefit from the easy handling and complete documentation.