Schools, public and municipal buildings

Schools, public and municipal buildings
Safety and security are top priorities where schools are concerned. A flawless and transparent access control system ensures that teachers and pupils are able to open different doors at different times. exivo ensures that every member of the teaching staff has digital access to the right room – even when the caretaker is not on site.

Safety and security are also a priority for public sector institutions such as city and local councils, which deal with highly sensitive data. Assign rights transparently and clearly, ensuring that access to public-facing areas and office spaces is always well controlled. Our smart access management system always gives you flexibility and allows you to take action whenever it’s needed: just send digital keys from your smartphone or PC to any other mobile device.

With exivo you can make life easier for your employees and increase your security level at the same time. The exivo cloud-based access control system is ideal for administering access rights in

  • workspaces
  • customer service areas
  • schools (for example staff rooms and gyms)
  • libraries

Digital, efficient and easy to use, exivo allows you to intervene at any time and react instantly to any changes.