exivo Acess Control: It's as simle as this

What you get out of exivo as an entrepreneur

What you get out of exivo as an entrepreneur:

  • access control system without additional software or server
  • easy and intuitive operation
  • system always up-to-date in terms of functions and security, no expense entailed at all
  • free choice of media (access with ID card, clips, smartphones)
  • cost control and transparency
  • fixed costs with no unpleasant surprises

 What your employees and customers get out of exivo:

What your employees and customers get out of exivo:

  • ease of use and free choice of media
  • user friendly operation
  • lost keys are no problem
  • rights can be adjusted at short notice, for instance when someone has to enter the premises outside business hours or temporary employees, visitors etc. need to be granted access rights

The exivo platform takes care of everything

The exivo platform takes care of everything:

  • the centrepiece of exivo
  • under continuous development
  • always up to date including state-of-the-art security technology