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What is exivo?

New. Different. Secure. And, first and foremost: very easy and convenient.

Which benefits do I have with exivo?

So simply: overview of six benefits

How does exivo work?

It's as simple as this

How do other companies work with exivo?

This is how other branches secure their premises.

Stay relaxed - your exivo partner is organising everything for you.

You have questions. We have the answers.

Improved service for you and your customers

integrated access management on your platform: thanks to exivo


exivo for Service providers

exivo offers you an easy cloud-based access solution and ensures the protection of sensitive customer data. You don’t need your own server infrastructure or IT specialists.

You have full control

Thanks to exivo, you control which employees or external persons enter your building or offices at fixed times and for set periods. exivo therefore ensures maximum flexibility in your company and lets you easily respond to any eventuality.

  • Easy use and fast installation
  • Secure access to sensitive data
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to operation and configuration in the cloud


An expert partner at your side

exivo is run on the web-based exivo platform to which you and your specialist partner enjoy easy access – via smartphone, for example. You decide which tasks you wish to manage yourself and which should be hosted by your specialist partner.

Incidentally, even if your specialist partner does host all operations for you, you still retain full cost control – thanks to fixed monthly rates.


Data protection starts on your doorstep

In line with the newly effective EU General Data Protection Regulation, service companies regardless of their size are obliged now more than ever to protect sensitive data. From law firms with client cases to advertising agencies with the latest product sketches from key accounts – the focus is on security. Opting for exivo lets you enjoy a comprehensive access solution that gives you full control over access management.