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To use evolo smart, just three steps are necessary:

  1. Digitise your door. Our unique selection of electronic locking cylinders, door locks and access readers can be found further down this page - your local dormakaba specialised partner will be happy to help you to make the right choice.
  2. Download the free evolo smart app - this is how you set up your doors and authorised users.
  3. Users who want to use the smartphone download the dormakaba mobile access app. For physical RFID badges, your users receive the RFID card or key fob

evolo smart App

With the free evolo smart app, you can change access rights flexibly and adjust them at any time. Then simply transfer these to your door.
Further technical information for smartphones can be found here.

dormakaba mobile access app

With the free dormakaba mobile access app you open the door component with the smartphone and a digital key.

evolo smart starter Kit

With the evolo smart Starter Kit you get the whole evolo smart package ready for use in one box.

Contains: One digital cylinder, two access media in the form of card and key fob, one programming card and a special tool for installation or battery change. Smartphone not included.

To order the box, please contact your local dormakaba partner.

evolo locking cylinders, door locks and readers

The evolo door components are installed in place of the mechanical locking cylinders and control access. They are configured using smartphones and the evolo smart app. Access to the door works either via an access (card, key fob) or a smartphone with a digital key.
To order your evolo locking cylinder, contact your nearby dormakaba partner.

Digital cylinder

Digital cylinder

You can easily use various versions of this instead of an existing mechanical cylinder. It also impresses with its high quality and innovative design.

c-lever pro

c-lever pro

This fitting solution is suitable for internal and external doors and offers a higher security class. This solution is convenient to use and suitable for most doors.

c-lever compact

c-lever compact

Retrofits easily, regardless of lock or fitting. The convenient solution is perfect for glass doors and comes in a modern design.

c-lever air

c-lever air 

The flat c-lever air can be used on interior doors. Its slim shape has already won several design awards.

reader 9104

Access reader

Whether indoors or outdoors, the readers are the right choice for automatic doors. Choose between different versions with built-in or remote reading unit.

Access media
Access media

evolo smart requires specific access medias with a QR code to open the doors. And you can also use your smartphone.

Programming card

Programming card

With the programming card (Master B), you can set the door components into programming mode. The system’s security is guaranteed with the Master B card. A door component cannot be programmed or reconfigured without this card. It is therefore recommended to keep this card in a safe place.