How it works

How to use evolo smart

Installing and setting up apps:

1. Setting up the dormakaba evolo smart app

  • Download and install the dormakaba evolo smart app from the store.
  • Register the app with your email address.

2. Setting up the dormakaba mobile access app

  • Download the dormakaba mobile access app from the store and install it.
  • Register the app with the phone number.

Manage users:

1. add user with physical medium:

  • Get the user media ready.
  • In the user area, select "+ new user" and select “add a physical medium”.
  • Scan the QR code of the user medium.
  • Once the medium is registered, you can enter a name and press save.

2. add a user with a digital key:

  • Get the user media ready.
  • In the User section, select "+ new user" and select "add a digital key".
  • Select an available digital key or purchase some with the "+ new key" button
  • Enter the name and press save
  • Now the digital key can be sent electronically at your choice (e.g. SMS, e-mail)

3. edit user:

  • Selecting the user leads directly to editing the user.

4. Delete user:

  • To delete a user, swipe the user to the left. Please note that this process cannot be undone.
  • Note that the door components from which the user was removed must be reloaded.

Buying digital keys:

  • Press the "BUY DIGITAL KEYS" button to obtain a key package via the store’s in-app purchase mechanism. 
  • Select the desired key package and complete the purchase. 
  • If the purchase has been successfully completed, the digital keys appear in the list.


1. Create a new door component:

  • In the Doors section, select "+ new door".
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and hold the smartphone to the door component. 
  • After confirming the door identification, the door can be given a name.
  • Save, and the door is registered.

2. Time profiles:


  • Select "+ new time profile" in the Time profiles area. 
  • Give the time profile a name and define the days and the time window.
  • Save to create the time profile


  • In the time profiles area, select the time profile you want to change. 
  • Click on the time profile you want to change to enter the edit mode.
  • Please note that you must update all doors in which this time profile will be used, i.e. download the configuration.

Assign time profile

  • Select settings and, if desired, set up the time limitation.
  • Access is restricted to the selected weekdays from XX:XX to YY:YY.
  • Several different time windows can be configured for each door (e.g. for staff, for cleaning staff).
  • For the time window to become active for a user, it must be granted to the user.
  • Furthermore, the opening duration of the door components as well as the signalling can be set up here.
  • For the compact reader 91 04, you can also set the distance from which the reader can be operated.
  • Please note that each change must be reloaded onto the door component.

3. Load the configuration into the door component:

  • Get the programming card ready. Press this button to start programming.
  • Now hold the programming card against the door component. A short beep and a green light indicate that the component is ready for programming.
  • Now hold the smartphone against the door
  • Successful programming is confirmed by a short signal from the smartphone
  • After approx. 5 seconds, the door component also completes the programming. This is confirmed by a green light and a notification on your screen.

Check the door component’s status:

  • In the doors area, select the door for which you want to read out the status.
  • Go to the details submenu and press the button "read door status" 
  • The status is read out by holding the smartphone against the door component.

Operating the compact reader from a greater distance

  • This option is only available for the compact reader 91 04, which has an external power supply. 
  • If you activate this setting, you can use your smartphone to operate the door component from a slightly greater distance. Depending on your smartphone and the environment, this distance can range from a few centimetres to one metre.
  • Bluetooth® must be activated on the smartphone for this purpose.
  • Make sure that no other evolo door components are operated with evolo smart within a few metres of this compact reader for which this setting has been made, so as not to interfere.
  • To ensure the door can be opened successfully using the dormakaba mobile access app, make sure that within a few metres of the compact reader there are no other people who have installed either this app or the evolo smart app.