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How it works

The smartphone takes care of access management

dormakaba evolo smart app overview


dormakaba evolo smart is an app that provides a simple access management solution for up to 50 people.

Compatible evolo door components are available in different versions. They are standalone, i.e. the doors function autonomously and without wires –the components run by batteries. For example, the digital cylinder is inserted into the door instead of a mechanical locking cylinder - and can be installed back at a later stage, if wished.

If a door should usually stay closed, the c-lever hardware solution is ideal: when the access medium is presented, the door can be opened for a few seconds and then closes again.

All evolo access components can be integrated into other access solutions such as online systems if required. Thus, your investment is secured in the long run and grows with your company.


  • Quick and easy programming and deletion of access media via smartphone
  • Up to max. 50 users
  • Optical reading of access media via QR code
  • Buying of digital keys
  • Door status can be read
  • No internet connection necessary: the system runs locally

Evolo smart scheme

The evolo smart app is free of charge and very easy to use. You can configure and administer your door components with your smartphone, with no special knowledge required. You can control which persons have access to your door. If certain people need restricted access, simply tap to define the time profile. You can also read the door’s status information directly on the smartphone. Register new access media in the app (QR Code) or buy digital keys for your smartphone. Lost access media can be deleted in the evolo smart app. Then update your door component by holding your smartphone near it. The hardware installed on the doors can later be easily integrated into more comprehensive access management systems if required.

And the best thing is, you don’t need an internet connection for any of these tasks.