How it works

The smartphone takes care of access management

Felix Höllt

"With evolo smart, we have developed an easy-to-use access administration app that meets today's zeitgeist: the need for flexibility, independence and convenience. Our customers send digital keys or issue new badges independently, quickly and conveniently with their smartphone. In doing so, they maintain a clear overview of all issued keys and their use. This offers them ease of mind, security and real added value."

Felix Höllt, Deputy Vice President Product Management Systems, GBO EAD

Manage access
via smartphone

Smart door lock

Smart access media


Benefits at a glance

  • Easy installation: quick replacement of existing locking cylinders
  • Large choice of standalone-operated locking cylinders, electronic door locks and readers
  • Free app, easy to use
  • You defined, who has access to which doors and when
  • Choose between physical or digital keys such as key fobs and cards with RFID or a smartphone
  • Clear display of the door and battery status
  • Traceable - door events can be read out (in-app purchase)
  • Easy deletion of lost access media with the smartphone and programming card
  • Best of all, the system is secure and runs offline - you only need an internet connection to set up the free apps and buy the digital keys