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Can I open a door with the evolo smart?
No, that's what the dormakaba mobile access app is for. With the evolo smart app, you can manage access your access rights.

I have registered myself and can no longer see my purchased and available keys in the evolo smart app.
The digital keys are linked to the email address you used to register. To access the keys again, you will need to sign in using the original email address.

How do I know if my smartphone is suitable?
The technical requirements for the device can be found here. As difficulties may occasionally arise even if these requirements are met, we recommend that you test the evolo smart app on your smartphone at a dormakaba partner before purchasing a door component.

I want to switch from an Apple smartphone to an Android smartphone. What action do I need to take?
Your settings can be transferred to the evolo smart app via the cloud. If you used your Google account to sign in on your Apple smartphone, use the same Google account on your Android smartphone.
If you used an Apple ID, you will first need to deactivate cloud storage on your Apple smartphone. Then reactivate cloud storage on your Apple smartphone using a Google account. This step is required because Android smartphones do not support sign-in using an Apple ID. The final step is to sign into your Android smartphone using your Google account.

How can I reset a door component?
You can reset a door component by holding the programming card against the door component for 15 seconds. Since the door component was in the initial state, the access rights must be transferred back to the door component so that access is possible again.

I want to add a person with an existing digital key into my evolo smart.
To read the digital key into your access system, proceed as follows:
Ask the user to share the information from his/her existing digital key with you.

  1. Click on the link to create the person with the digital key as a user in the user administration.
  2. Add this user to the doors for which he/she should have access.
  3. Upload the new configuration to the door(s).
If you do not receive this message on the device you use for access management, you can read the link via the QR code.

What happens if I deactivate cloud storage?
If you deactivate cloud storage, your settings are backed up locally on your smartphone. Bear in mind that if you lose or change your mobile phone, this data will be lost.

-> Mobile access & Access Media

Can I use the smartphone as a key?
Yes. You need the dormakaba mobile access app and a digital key, which you can buy and give out via the dormakaba evolo smart app.

How do I open a door?
Open the mobile access app, press the round blue circle with the key and hold the smartphone in front of the door component. Alternatively, hold the access medium (card, key fob) in front of the component.

Can I continue to use my digital key if I change smartphones?
No, a digital key is not transferable and can only be used for one smartphone. If you change smartphones, you will need a new digital key.

I purchased 10 digital keys and have now changed my mobile phone. Can I still use the remaining keys on my smartphone?
Yes, keys that you have purchased but not yet used will remain accessible even if you change your phone. However, to use the keys, you will need to sign in with the same email address.

What happens to my digital key if I uninstall the mobile access app or reset the smartphone to factory settings?
Deinstallation of the mobile access app will result in a loss of the digital key.

How do I know whether my smartphone is suitable for mobile access?
The technical requirements that your mobile phone must meet can be found here. As there may be restrictions in individual cases, even if these requirements are met, we recommend that you test your smartphone with the evolo smart app at a dormakaba specialised partner before purchasing a door component.

Is a dual SIM card (identical phone number on several smartphones) supported in the mobile access app?
Basically yes, but the dormakaba mobile access app may only be registered on one smartphone with the same phone number.

-> Door component

What does it mean when the door component flashes?
The following door component signalling is possible:


Beeping sound



Battery low

1 x very short

9 x very short, red

User media, Master B

Battery empty

1 x very long

no flashing

User media, Master B

Unauthorised media

4 x very short

4 x short red

User media

Failure of the clock in the component

1 x long, 1 x short, 1 x long

1 x short green

User media, Master B

What do I need to know when changing the battery?
We recommend to change the battery within approx. 30 seconds, otherwise the stored time may be lost. This would result in a new download of the data.

The door component does not react at all
Please make sure that the batteries are not empty and are inserted correctly. If necessary, contact the administrator or the manager of the door.

How do I know if the door component battery is running low?
Either via the evolo smart app (where the battery level is read out and displayed) or via the door component’s signalling.

Low battery: short beep and 9 red flashes.
Low battery condition: 1 long beep

-> Security / Data protection

Is access with a smartphone secure?
Yes, access with a smartphone is secure. This is ensured by several factors. Among other things, communication between the smartphone and the door component is encrypted. For dormakaba, the security of its solutions is a top priority.

Why is access with a digital key more secure than with a mechanical key?
The use of electronics is more secure than mechanical keys because in the event of a loss, it is possible to react immediately: the digital key can immediately be revoked. A time-consuming exchange of locks is therefore not necessary.

I have specified my e-mail address to register with the evolo smart app or my telephone number to register with the dormakaba mobile access app, but I do not wish to use the two apps any more. What must I do for my data to get deleted?
We can initiate deletion of your data in our system. To do so, send us an e-mail with the following data:

  • The e-mail address that you have specified to register in the evolo smart app
  • The telephone number that you have specified to register in the dormakaba mobile access app
We will inform you as soon as deletion is completed.