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We care about your building safety and security.

Buildings are meant to last and provide a safe, secure and convenient environment. Well-maintained assets make a difference.

Access solutions are complex pieces of equipment that are subject to high usage and wear and tear. A regular maintenance program ensures wearing components are replaced or a malfunction is addressed before it becomes a problem. Regular maintenance helps prevent accidents and prolongs the life of the product. It ensures the safety of users while reducing breakdowns and the accompanying inconvenience.

With our aftersales service offerings, we test compliance to building code and functionality to ensure ideal uptime and usability of your assets. Well maintained access products keep the building operational to provide people flow and increase the buildings value in the eyes of users, visitors, todays and future tenants as well as investors. Beside proper functionality a regular professional care increases the product lifecycle and thus supports sustainability.




Uptime and usability

People flow



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Building‘s value


We care with a trustworthy team.

We care about the performance of buildings and provide premium services around access solutions throughout the full building lifecycle.

With local presence, network, well experienced and educated teams as well as availability our goal is to be your trusted partner.


"At dormakaba we aim to maximize the uptime of your assets and provide premium services around access solutions."

Christian Bauszus, Global Business Owner Service at dormakaba

We care with long-term experience.

Being a developer and manufacturer of access solutions and offering related services underlines our full commitment to customers and products.

With our background we are in a superior position of knowledge and resources. First hand experience from the installed base helps us also to continuously improve quality and functionality of our products.

Our offering

In the establishment phase of a solution, our offering in cooperation with our market partners comprises of implementation services including consulting, solution engineering, project management and the installation of the actual product as well as the later commissioning and user training.

The actual aftersales services offer preventive and reactive maintenance of hardware and software, repairs and the supply of spare parts. Should an asset reach the end of it's lifecycle we offer upgrades and modernization of solutions to state of the art dormakaba equipment. 







and consulting
Spare partsModernization
and upgrades

We care with smart and secure access solutions.

Depending on the individual market requirements we service a large portfolio of access solutions of dormakaba products and beyond.

Examples of our assets under management are manual and automatic swing doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, gates and barriers, turnstiles, interlocks, hotel lock systems, access control systems as well as time and attendance equipment.  

Our service customer base represents a large variety of users with individual requirements. From single retail shops and residential environments to retail chains and asset-heavy infrastructures like airports, hospitals and highly demanding industrial environments.

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