Safe Locks

Smart and secure protection for your valuable

The amalgamation of the strong relationships we have with our customers, the integrity of our employees and the continuous strive for innovation from the past 150+ years up to the present has resulted in a plethora of leading locking options.

Feel safe - Our products meet and exceed the most stringent security and certification requirements mandated by the US government, authorities, Global ATM manufacturers and ATM Service providers, financial institutions, commercial and private end users.

Explore our unmatched offering, comprised of a great selection of mechanical and electronic lock solutions, safe components and accessories. Whatever is your secure storage application, we have the right solution for you.



  • Electronic Combination Safe Locks
    • Networked
    • One Time Code solutions
    • Stand alone
  • Mechanical Safe Locks
    • Combination locks
    • Key Locks
  • Safe Deposit Locks
  • Bolt Works
  • Handles
  • Escutcheons
  • Dial & Ring Combinations
  • Other Safe Components & Accessories


  • High-security vaults and vault doors
  • ATMs
  • Safes for cash, jewelry, and other valuables
  • Weapon safes
  • Drug safes
  • Fire-proof safes
  • Document safes
  • Safe deposit installations
  • Safe cabinets
  • Small home/wall safes



Our customers have a growing demand for solutions that can be integrated into their existing applications and procedures. That is why banks, retail chains, casinos, and many other commercial end users all over the world are building on dormakaba’s modular solutions:

  • Thanks to our networked locks we can help our customers to enhance their security. Online monitoring is a powerful tool reducing human interaction related to security risks such as unlocked safe doors.
  • Central lock administration provides instant access control and audits.
  • Flexible programming and automation interfaces improve the efficiency of customer processes. 


Whether it is speed, convenience, security, and global economic development, ATMs aren’t becoming irrelevant. Instead, they’re hurtling into a future where customers expect them to be as nimble and accessible as the electronic payments they’ve become accustomed to. 


What are you security needs? Let's talk and find the best solution for you.