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Modernfold - products and solutions

For generations, architects, interior designers and building owners have trusted Modernfold to deliver greater functionality and sound control to office buildings, classrooms, hotels, hospitals, retail centers, entertainment venues, and conference and exhibition complexes.

Whatever the application, Modernfold’s heritage of unique customized solutions and start-to-finish support have made us a trusted partner devoted to the success of our customers.

For over 90 years, Modernfold has helped shape the movable wall industry—and our current product line continues that leadership with a variety of space division options that feature:

  • Industry Leading Acousti-Seal® Encore Movable Walls
  • Acousti-Seal® Movable Walls
  • Acousti-Clear® Family of Acoustically Rated Glass Wall Systems
  • Moveable Glass Wall Systems
  • Accordion Doors

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