Mechanical Key Systems

Flexible and secure mechanical solutions for a broad range of applications

The mechanical cylinder lock was the origin of our company, but since we have developed the first reversible key in 1934, our range of mechanical locking systems has expanded enormously. Today, our product portfolio ranges from simple cylinders for office furniture to locking systems for apartment buildings and complex, integrated solutions for large office buildings. 

We offer our customers the highest level of key control, through key design, patent protection, and inhouse registration procedures. With our comprehensive range, we are globally known to customize and offer bespoke locking solutions to specialist markets such as rail, marine, telecom, water and OEM manufacturers.

Our systems are built to last because we put quality first and guarantee our cylinders and keys for a long life in all environments.

pic_MKS_Michel Veysseyre
"As the inventor of the reversible key technology, dormakaba has a long tradition in designing and manufacturing the safest and most secure mechanical key systems. Our mission is to provide tailormade state-of-the-art mechanical solutions for all types of customer requirements and applications."

Michael Griessler
Segment Business Owner Mechanical Key Systems at dormakaba Austria



Master Key Systems

Area of application

  • All sizes of organizations/buildings


  • A tailor-made key plan
  • Logical key and cylinder numbering system that is flexible enough to last centuries
  • Integration into your (electronic) access control system
  • Key clips in many different colors

dormakaba master key systems are among the most secure in the world. 


Cylinder locks with reversible key

Area of application

  • From single-family homes to apartment blocks to commercial and industrial applications with very high-security needs


  • Perfected legal and technical protection against unintended key copy
  • Certified in accordance with European security standards
  • VdS extreme protection
  • Integration into your (electronic) access control system
  • Temporary access function
  • Thermally insulated cylinder
  • Different key clip and ring colors

dormakaba's cylinder locks with reversible keys offer the highest security standards for mechanical solutions.


Cylinder locks with serrated key

Area of application

  • From single-family homes to apartment blocks to commercial and industrial applications with high-security needs


  • High-level key control with international patent protection
  • Integration into your (electronic) access control system
  • Self changeable cylinder
  • Anti-pick and anti-drill
  • Certified 360° freewheel function
  • Key override function
  • Restrictive movement cylinder
  • Shear breakoff slit (predetermined housing breakoff cut)

dormakaba's cylinder locks with serrated keys come with many additional feature so they meet every security need. 


Customer First and Curiosity - these are the values, which drive us every day to work on the best solutions for our clients. While we can look back to more than 85 years of reversible key business, we are not about to rest on this but make engineering excellence and constant innovation to our main goals in our daily work. 

Seeing our customers as partners we are able to learn from their needs and manufacture solutions, which fit exactly their requirements; globally in different applications and environments. 

The story of the first key: Giving trust and independence to your child

This is the story about a key. Actually, it is a story about trust. And everyone who is faced with the decision at some point, to give their children independent access to the house, knows what we are talking about.

Four machines and one robot: The first fully automated key cutting system


Innovation is not only the development of new products, but innovation also means the continuous advancement and optimization of processes. Thus, dormakaba is not only working on new products but also on various projects to make the production of these products more efficient. One of these projects is the complete automation of key milling.

"fleXline was developed and constructed in-house from A to Z. I am proud of my team that has worked so diligently and tirelessly on this project,"
says Thomas Schwab, Senior Vice President Operations EMEA.

Read the full article and watch the video here


Our customers base is very diverse - private homeowners to small-medium enterprises from all industries over large multinational companies - but with our flexible and scalable solutions, we can help everyone to make their lives more secure and convenient. Every customer receives individualized consultation from our security experts to find the most suitable system.

"With dormakaba, we have a reliable partner at our side who created the complex locking plan for the 14 faculties and a total of approx. 930 doors."

Werner Badstuber, University Salzburg (AT)


Do you want to learn more about the possibilites for your building? Our experts are happy to get in touch with you.