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Unique design for boundless possibilities

Dorma MUNDUS patch fittings offer unique and inspiring design combined with simple, fast installation.

The Dorma MUNDUS patch fittings are striking in appearance thanks to their elegant shape with straight edges and radiused corners, and no visible fixings to disrupt their smooth surface. Suitable for a range of glass thicknesses without the need to change gaskets.

Visually and technically advanced, the Dorma MUNDUS range supports 24 standard systems as well as toughened glass constructions of almost any conceivable design.

  • Clear design, no visible fixings
  • Wide range of finishes, colors and materials
  • Fast installation, adjustment even when mounted
  • Always fits - adjusts to different glass thicknesses without the need to change gaskets
  • Suitable for laminated safety glass employing the established Dorma Clamp & Glue technology for high demands on quality and safety
  • Easy to retrofit and integrate in existing systems – patch fittings and locks can be readily replaced by Dorma MUNDUS components


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