Interior Glass Systems

We live glass – Moving solutions for architectural applications

Our fittings and systems complement the fascinating material glass to create elegant toughened glass doors, assemblies, and sliding walls. This allows creative spaces to be designed and architectural highlights to be set. Our solutions stand for individuality and security, whether with full transparency or desired discretion and can be found from office to private houses over to cultural places like churches. 

"Glass is an elegant though versatile material, which can be used in many different places. With my team, we are constantly working on new models and new fields of applications."

Andreas Tiedtke 
Global Business Owner Interior Glass Systems at dormakaba



Manual single and double-action door systems

Area of application

  • Residential/private homes, offices, law firms, doctor’s offices, hotels, banks, insurance companies, hospital, nursing homes, schools, university, kindergarten


  • Hinges and locks for manual single action door systems
  • Fittings for manual double-action door systems
  • Patch fittings for toughened glass assemblies
  • Single point fixings for doors and glass assemblies
  • Door rails for single action and double action doors
  • Wall connecting profile systems

Manual sliding door systems

Area of application

  • Offices, banks, insurance companies, hotel, hospital, nursing homes, residential


  • Integrated functional elements
  • Clamps and covers
  • Single-point fixings

Access & Room system

Area of application

  • Offices, banks, insurance companies, hotel, schools, university, gyms, hospital, nursing homes, residential


  • Room creating profiles
  • Frame system for single-action doors in walls
  • Integrated single action and sliding doors
  • Sound protecting and sound-absorbing elements

Horizontal sliding wall systems

Area of application

  • Shops, shopping malls, sport arenas, airports, railway stations, hotel, banks, insurance companies


  • Top and bottom door rails
  • Panels with single point fixings
  • Fully framed panels
  • Framing profiles with thermal insulation
  • Folding sliding wall system with top and bottom door rail


When fittings for toughened glass systems securely hold and move unframed glass in interior design, the best properties of glass come to the fore. Transparency not only promotes exchange between people but also allows for the energy-saving utilisation of daylight. In our future world also increased comfort will play a decisive role. Mechanical functions, such as self-closing for hinged and sliding doors often also mean accessibility, which is becoming increasingly important due to demographic change. Besides that, extensive, adaptable usage properties and the topic of security are moving more and more into the focus of requirements. Especially for all-glass systems the independently of a mains power supply for such access control systems is mandatory.

We see it as our task to contribute to our common future by developing suitable systems for transparent but safe and environmentally conscious living spaces.


Our glass solutions find their appearance from bathroom doors in single-family houses to the biggest shopping malls. 

"It is a universal truth that in any customer and supplier relationship there is give and take, and this is something that has always worked well at dormakaba. But we too stand by the quality of these products."

Katrin Deppen, Glas Deppen, Germany

"We were thrilled with the results and thought: That’s exactly what we want."

Veronika König, ARGE KÖNIG-KLEON, AUSTRIA, referring to a school building project realized with UNIQUIN


Our glass systems not only fit into modern new buildings but also adjust perfectly into historical places like the over 500-years old Church of Meissen (DE).  See in our reference video how our modern glass fittings MUNDUS and MANET give the church a light-flooded, fascinating ambiance.

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