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dormakaba provides doors for Austria’s most cutting-edge EUROSPAR supermarket

After a construction period lasting just six months, the new EUROSPAR KAUFPARK opened its doors to the public in Kufstein, the city where SPAR supermarket was founded, on 19 August. Employing 45 members of staff and with over 13,000 products in store, the supermarket is attractive, modern and customer-friendly.

The interior, which measures a total of 1,250 m2 in size, is designed to be light, friendly and spacious.

The supermarket boasts a number of technical innovations. All newly built or upgraded SPAR supermarkets are constructed according to the provisions set out by the Austrian Sustainable Building Council. Climate protection is a priority for EUROSPAR, as demonstrated by its adherence to the latest construction standards and implementation of numerous energy-saving measures.

The innovative products and solutions provided by dormakaba are instrumental in ensuring energy conservation and thermal insulation.

Pioneering solutions from dormakaba

Energy-saving solutions for buildings are essential for the future. Guideline 6 of the OIB (Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering) currently states that building plans should combine energy-efficient operation with contemporary design and functionality. dormakaba’s solutions show the company’s commitment to ensuring enhanced energy efficiency and sustainability. dormakaba automatic sliding doors are a combination of excellent flexibility, elegant transparency, simple assembly and convenient operation in a single system. The doors guarantee that all requisite standards and guidelines are met.

The EUROSPAR supermarket in Kufstein is fitted with the ST FLEX Green automatic sliding door system with thermally insulated profiles for its entrance/exit. The ST FLEX Green sliding door is an energy-saving door which has been specifically designed for exterior building envelopes. It combines transparency, accessibility and thermal insulation in a single door.

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The ST FLEX Green is effectively an entryway supported by thermally optimized profile systems. It therefore actively contributes to the building’s thermal insulation and meets guideline 6 of the OIB (current version), which sets out a maximum thermal insulation value of 1.5 W/m²K.

The integrated, end-to-end underfloor guide rail guarantees a stable floor connection, which further increases the level of reliability during the day-to-day operation of the store.

For hygiene purposes and maximum customer convenience, integrated sliding door systems were installed for the public toilets as well.

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Another priority in public buildings is fire protection. In the event of a fire, it is essential to sound the alarm as quickly as possible and close the fire protection doors. This is why dormakaba provides a range of door systems specifically designed for preventive fire protection purposes. These doors quickly and safely prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Two EI-30 fire protection sliding door systems perform this function on the basement level of the supermarket by the entrance to the garage.

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