Entrance Systems

Smooth access to your life and business 

Is it only a vision to imagine that closed doors would open welcoming us when approaching and that access control could be seamlessly integrated into a natural walk through rather than stop us and make us wait?  

We are committed to delivering to you the smooth access experience when accessing a lobby, boarding securely a plane, entering into a metro underground station or attending a concert in a large stadium hassle-free.

Companies all over the world trust us to automate crowd flow and solve people access control challenges.


"We support our customers by being the specialists in managing all gate and entry automation cases from automatic sliding doors, half-height sensor barriers up to bulletproof resistant interlock sluices to match crowd flow and access control needs."

Magin Guardiola, Global Business Owner Entrance Systems


Crowd Flow Solutions

People Control Solutions

  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Automatic revolving doors
  • Automatic swing doors
  • Barrier-free opening
  • Sensor barriers
  • Security interlocks
  • One-way exit lanes
  • High-security automatic doors
  • Half and full-height turnstiles


Smart doors: The future for your entrance

How will the door of the future be like? Watch the video with Magin Guardiola, the Global Business Owner of Entrance Systems at dormakaba, where he explains his vision for the entrance of the future and learn, how smart doors are already today. 

Facing the challenging of modern offices

Today we are faced with many changes in the office culture. Open offices and shared offices have become the standard and therefore the lobby has turned into the central hub for controlling the people flow into the office spaces. The new pedestrian flow control system ARGUS offers a completely customizable design, which makes it adaptable to every lobby-design without any limitation on security. 

Configure your ARGUS barrier here


Our customer base is very diverse - corporate offices to large public commercial and event centers, airports, banks, retail chains, and sports stadiums - but they all share the same need: optimize their people flow. Together with our expertise and our solutions our customers achieve to increase the overall comfort of the people in their building. Also, our product can have a crucial impact on the sustainability and security of a building. 


Do you want to learn more about the possibilites for your building? Our experts are happy to get in touch with you.