Electronical Access & Data

Smart, flexible and secure solutions to control access to any building

Regulating access to buildings is becoming more and more important and challenging. Modern workstyles and the diverse usage of buildings demand highly flexible access control systems, which at the same time don't generate high maintenance costs.

As a security manager for your building, you want an access control system that supports you with the various tasks you have to deal with on a daily basis, from short-term access for visitors to long-term control of the people flow. You may also want your system to be integrated into your company's existing technical environment to maximize the benefit of the different programs.

Our systems are designed to fit every need - from SME offices, to public places with restricted areas like airports, to global companies with locations all over the world. Both software and hardware of our access solutions are designed so that their usage is intuitive and the whole management - installation, set up, daily operation, and updates - can be handled directly by our customers, if preferred.  

"My team and I follow the 360° approach: we look at customer needs from all angles. We strive to offer solutions & products to our clients, which satisfy their various demands, but also are easy to implement and manage."

Thomas Herrling
Global Business Owner Electronic Access & Data at dormakaba



Access Control Solutions for Corporate

Our solutions provide excellent coverage for corporates being required to manage their organizations in a flexible and scalable way.

The solutions offer integration into surrounding IT infrastructure as well as coverage for known requirements within these types of organizations.

The capability to support multisite and complex organizational structures makes it ideal for organizations that have to be flexible in their organizational structure.


Access Control Solutions for SAP

Our ERP integrated solutions provide the best possible integration into the leading ERP solutions.

Especially the depth of integration into the SAP is generating a seamless experience at the best possible value out of the ERP system as such.

Our strategy is to become an integral component of the customers ERP system


Access Control Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

No matter what your security needs are or what task your access control should perform - our solutions for access control are flexible, easy to install, and convenient to operate.


Access Control Solutions for Microenterprises and Residential

Whether in your home or in your company: With our customizable solutions you can manage all access rights via an app and open your door by smartphone, card, or key fob.


​​​​​​​Excellence in engineering is the most important driver in our daily work. We want to invent products that are at the forefront of technological innovations and trends. In order to manufacture not only high-quality technical products but also products that bring real added value to users, we make the relationship with our customers an integral part of our innovation process. 

Mobile Access Solutions

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives - we keep them with us wherever we go and they become part of more and more tasks of our everyday lives. Smartphones have taken over the camera, the shopping list, the mp3-player, the tv, the radio, and they can also take over the function of a key or an access badge.

Time and attendance

Stylish, versatile, practicable – this sums up the customizable high tech terminal 97 00. This versatile modular solution combines efficient time recording with modern employee communication. Everything inside. Everything customized to your company. Everything simply easy.


We strive for a long-term relationship with our clients and therefore support our customers from the initial phase of analyzing requirements throughout the entire lifetime our solution is in operation including an eventual renewal and modernization.

We make every effort to keep our systems up to date. In order to minimize disruptions in the daily operations, we integrate updates and new functionalities directly into the existing solutions or personally support our customers with larger migrations.


Do you want to learn more about the possibilites for your building? Our experts are happy to get in touch with you.