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dormakaba digital

Over the last decade, technology has advanced at rapid speed. As a result, new business models emerge and expand the existing ones. Connecting the Internet of People and the Internet of Things offers almost infinite possibilities to make the customer experience more digital, convenient and efficient.

dormakaba digital is an organizational unit dedicated to leveraging these possibilities. We are experts in the field of digital transformation, acting as advisor and strategic business partner for our customers and developing digital products and services based on open platforms and ecosystems.

We complement our core business

Products such as door hardware, entrance systems, lodging systems or safe locks are dormakaba‘s core business. dormakaba digital complements and enhances our core business with digital features, for example to enable connectivity.

For example, products such as automatic doors are enhanced with an IoT Connector to make them cloud-ready. The collected data can be used for analytics, predictive maintenance etc.


We offer connected services

At dormakaba, we use digital technologies to connect with our customers and partners, link products and facilitate connections within the company. Based on that, connected services emerge. We design and operate connected services platforms to orchestrate people, products and businesses. Our goal is to make the digital customer experience among those platforms as smooth as possible.

For example, customers with small businesses can manage the access rights to their offices electronically via a platform that is connected with our locking components.
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We connect our platform with platforms of other businesses


Our connected services interact with other platforms. We are already collaborating with industry leading companies, such as SAP, SportsNow and Marriott. When multiple platforms are linked, entire ecosystems of platforms emerge.
We constantly explore new relationships with customers and partners, e.g. with rental or hospitality services, co-working platforms, or building management systems

For example, dormakaba connects its jay cloud platform with the HR platform of SAP. In real time, customers using the system can easily allocate access rights and record their employees’ working hours.
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