Door Hardware

Your one-stop-shop for door solutions 

From convenient barrier-free door situations and individual fire protection to special systems for emergency and escape routes – dormakaba has the solution.

Our unique, tailored product lines offer intelligent solutions for almost every purpose of your access requirement.

“Making people feel safe and secure in a building, this is what drives my team and me every day to work on new and improved solutions.”

Jarle Bidne
Global Business Owner Door Hardware at dormakaba



Door closers

Surface-mounted, integrated into the door leaf or floor spring door closers


  • Cam Action slide channel door closers
  • Rack and Pinion door closers
  • Free swing door closers
  • Hold open solutions
  • Door coordinators

Door locks

Mechanical and mechatronic door locks for narrow stile and timber doors


  • Mortise locks for timber doors
  • Mortise locks for narrow stile doors
  • SVP – Self-locking panic locks
  • M-SVP – Self-locking panic multipoint locks

Escape route systems

Electrically controlled emergency door exit systems


  • Escape route system - SafeRoute
  • Escape route system - TMS
  • PC software for door management - TMS Soft

Electrical strikes

Electrical strikes for timber and narrow stile doors


  • Standard door opener -Basic XS Series
  • Electrical standard door opener - Basic Series
  • Electric smoke door opener -Smoke Series
  • Electric fire door opener - Fire Series
  • Electrical security door opener - DES

Panic hardware

Leading hardware system for escape route doors


  • Exit Pad
  • Push bars with integrated panic lock
  • Push bars with blocking element
  • Cross bars with blocking element
  • Outside fittings & accessories


SafeRoute - the new generation of escape route control systems

At dormakaba, we do not only focus on access control, but also on exit control. Especially in the case of emergency you want to make sure, that everyone in the building can exit safely and secure. This is why we have invented "SafeRoute" - a combination of traditional mechanical components and digital parts to deliver the best solution. Also, we are striving to further develop our solution and lead innovations in this section. 

Watch the video with Jarle Bidne, the Global Business Owner of Door Hardware at dormakaba, where he shares his vision and ambition for safety and security in buildings. 


Our products are used wherever easy and secure access and exit are important: at the front door of a detached house, as barrier-free access to a university or as complex escape route protection in a hospital. 

"The installed products of dormakaba blend harmoniously into the buildings and underline the architectural quality".

Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer - Architect's Office caspar.schmitzmorkramer gmbh, Germany

"The good consultation in the planning phase, as well as our positive experiences with the product in the past few years, have confirmed our trust in dormakaba."

DIA Dittel Architekten GmbH, Germany


Do you want to learn more about the possibilites for your building? Our experts are happy to get in touch with you.