Investor Relations

Ownership structure

The following table sets forth the shareholding structure of dormakaba Holding AG and provides the names of those shareholders that have disclosed voting rights of 3% or more to dormakaba Holding AG.

ShareholdersNo. of shares at CHF 0.10 par valuein %Publication
Pool shareholders 1)   1,143,96327.230.06.2019
Public shareholders     

T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., Baltimore, USA135,9033.230.06.2019
Other public shareholders
Total public shareholders3,032,95972.230.06.2019
BoD and EC members 2)   
BoD members491,48411.730.06.2019
EC members16,2510.430.06.2019
Less double-counting in respect of R. Cadonau as BoD and EC member 3)
Total BoD and EC members503,00512.030.06.2019
Less double-counting in respect of Pool shareholders who are BoD members 4)–479,901–11.430.06.2019
Total shares4,200,026100.030.06.2019

1) The following persons are party to the pool agreement dated 29 April 2015: Familie Mankel Industriebeteiligungs GmbH + Co. KGaA / Ennepetal, Mankel Family Office GmbH / Ennepetal, KRM Beteiligungs GmbH / Ennepetal, Christine Mankel / Ennepetal, Stephanie Brecht-Bergen / Hamburg, Karl-Rudolf Mankel / Ennepetal as well as Martina Bössow / Dubai (UAE), heirs of Anja Bremi, Ulrich Bremi / Zollikon, Balz Dubs / Zurich, Karina Dubs-Kuenzle / Zurich, Kevin Dubs / Zurich, Linus Dubs / Zurich, Anja Flückiger / Forch, Christian Forrer / Bern, Karin Forrer / Muri, Anna Katharina Kuenzle / Thalwil, Clive Kuenzle / Zurich, Michael Kuenzle / Meilen, Alexandra Sallai / Worb, Christoph Sallai / Worb, Andrea Ullmann / Zollikon, Sascha Ullmann / Zollikon, Adrian Weibel / Meilen and Tonia Weibel / Meilen.

2) Including related parties

3) Shareholdings of Riet Cadonau as a BoD and an EC member are included under BoD members and EC members. 

4) The shareholdings of Pool Shareholders who are also mBoD members are included under Pool Shareholders and BoD members.