Success stories

Domodedovo Airport

A big dormakaba team of service technicians always on site

General building data

Building description: Domodedovo Airport
Building type: Airport
Address: Moscow Oblast, Russia

Domodedovo Airport

Over 30 million passengers pass through Moscow’s Domodedovo. Airport every year. Located south of the Russian metropolis, the airport is one of the largest in Eastern Europe and one of its fastest-growing international gateways. By providing door hardware (DHW) and entrance systems (ESC), as well as comprehensive service, dormakaba helps ensure that critical everyday processes at the airport run smoothly.

Customer requirements

  • Reliable service partner 24/7 on site, ensuring that the products and processes run smoothly at all times
  • Solutions for reduction of boarding times
  • Support for modernisation of Terminal 1
  • Cooperation with IT specialist SITA

dormakaba Lösung

Long-term collaboration with Domodedovo

As the world‘s leading provider of self-boarding gates, dormakaba helps deliver an automated and faster boarding process. This is why the Moscow Domodedovo Airport chose dormakaba as its partner. They have been working together successfully for more than six years now. Since the beginning of 2020, a dedicated dormakaba service team consisting of 20 service technicians has been on site every day to guarantee the products and processes run smoothly at all times.

Cooperation with SITA, a provider of special IT solutions

For special solutions, Domodedovo requested that dormakaba join forces with its long-term partner SITA.

SITA successfully implemented with dormakaba the Argus HSB M03 half-height sensor barriers and passenger processes run safely and comfortably. These 98 self-boarding systems are the most frequently installed dormakaba products at Domodedovo Airport.