About us

We make access in life smart and secure

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to create a secure future. Day by day, installation by installation, innovation by innovation. Visible proof of this are our smart access and security solutions, designed to create infrastructures that are efficient and convenient. That seamlessly and safely control people flow. That protect people, properties and possessions. And that give you a feeling of security and trust.

Our values

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Customer First

What we do is always focused on your needs as our customers, partners, and users.

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Our constant scouting of and seeking out trends is the basis for our development of future-oriented solutions.

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We go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and set high standards in terms of security, quality, and reliability.

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We are committed to continuously developing solutions that generate genuine added value for our stakeholders.

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Trust is our key corporate value, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

By the numbers

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employees worldwide

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countries where we have representatives

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year of experience

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billion CHF of net sales FY 2018/19

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patents for products and software

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door closers sold since the 1950s

Where we come from

Executive Committee

Our senior executives bring a large experience and a shared commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation to the day to day operation for a sustainable development of the company.

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Riet Cadonau

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Bernd Brinker

Chief Financial Officer

pic_About us_EC_Andreas

Andreas Häberli

Chief Technology Officer

pic_About us_EC_Jörg

Jörg Lichtenberg

Chief Manufacturing Officer

pic_About us_EC_Michael

Michael Kincaid

Chief Operating Officer
Access Solutions AMER

pic_About us_EC_Jim-Heng

Jim-Heng Lee

Chief Operating Officer
Access Solutions APAC

pic_About us_EC_Alwin

Alwin Berninger

Chief Operating Officer
Access Solutions DACH

pic_about us_EC_Steve

Steve Bewick

Chief Operating Officer
Access Solutions EMEA

pic_About us_EC_Stefano

Stefano Zocca

Chief Operating Officer
Key & Wall Solutions

Board of Directors

dormakaba's Board of Directors consists of experienced business personalities and members of the anchor shareholders, bringing their broad spectrum of knowledge, perspectives and experience to manage and increase the long-term value of the company.

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Riet Cadonau

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 

pic_About us_BoD_HansH

Hans Hess

Lead Independent Director and Vice-Chairman

pic_About us_BoD_Hans

Jens Birgersson


pic_About us_BoD_Christine

Stephanie Brecht-Bergen


pic_About us_BoD_Daniel

Daniel Daeniker


pic_About us_BoD_Rolf

Rolf Dörig


pic_About us_BoD_Karina

Karina Dubs-Kuenzle


pic_About us_BoD_HansG

Hans Gummert


pic_About us_BoD_John

John Heppner


pic_About us_BoD_Stephanie

Christine Mankel


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Sustainability: We safeguard buildings, communities and nature

We are committed to foster sustainable development along our entire value chain. Learn more about dormakaba's sustainability ambitions.


Innovation: We aim to be leading innovators

Our goal is to create the future of secure access. Learn about the innovation projects at dormakaba.

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Career: Shape the future with us

Join our team and help us to define the security standards of tomorrow.


Our brand

Find more information about our brand and get an overview of our brand portfolio.