DORMA HSW-R Sliding Walls

Horizontal sliding wall with rugged frames for maximum protection. The HSW-R glass sliding wall is especially suitable for applications that may be exposed to higher wind loads - such as shop windows or exterior shop entrances. The frames are made of aluminium alloy and surround the glass from all sides. Lateral rubber lips and brush seals at the top and the bottom provide additional protection during bad weather.

  • Frame system made of aluminium alloy

Product details

The DORMA HSW System

Wherever smooth and uninterrupted transitions are required to separate one room from another, and where the emphasis is on transparency and elegance, glass elements come into play. With their versatile glass partitions, DORMA HSW System provides the ideal solution for linking or separating rooms according to your individual requirements. Thanks to a large range of components, these versatile systems add security, provide noise insulation, and cut energy costs - just as desired.

Functional range

Different types of door closers ensure convenient access while the rest of the system remains closed.
In combination with the DORMA ITS 96 concealed doorcloser the HSW-R System is is probably the most attractive door system, as the ITS 96 is concealed inside the frame and thus almost invisible.    

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