TS 90 Impulse-dørlukker

TS 90 Impulse-basisdørlukkeren med glideskinne kombinerer teknisk overlegenhed med fremragende værdi. Nøglefunktionen i denne døråbner med glideskinne er dormakabas hjerteformede aksel med "EASY OPEN-teknologi", der gør døråbning nemt.


Product details

High-tech for the global market

The TS 90 Impulse door closer combines technical superiority with outstanding value, and unites advanced design with convenient functionality – all on the basis of its EASY OPEN technology. With its range of installation options and functional reliability, the TS 90 Impulse door closer is ideal for virtually any application.

Barrier-free design

The TS 90 Impulse is ideal for barrier-free doors in accordance with German Industrial Standard (DIN) 18040 for door widths up to 1100 mm. EASY OPEN technology ensures the door can be opened easily and conveniently (resistance decreases almost instantly as door opens), and thus also meets the requirements of German Industrial Standard (DIN) SPEC 1104.