Product Summary

With SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA, you have a piece of high-performance software which massively simplifies the overall management of all core processes within your company. The next logical step is to integrate access control, time recording and production data acquisition into your SAP system. This allows you to save resources in personnel management and accelerate workflows. It also saves you overburdening your IT department with excessive IT systems and provides your users with additional functionalities in the familiar SAP environment. EACM by dormakaba is perfect for this as it can be seamlessly integrated into your SAP system. One special advantage: Access permissions can be assigned automatically using the roles and functions of the employees derived from SAP HCM OM Organisation Management.

  • Best-in-class solution for SAP users – faster authorisation management straight from SAP HCM OM Organisation Management
  • Easy and efficient organisation through use of existing SAP business processes
  • Innovation- and future-proof – long-established partnership between dormakaba and SAP
  • Full scalability – from a handful to several thousand access points and time recording terminals
  • Full integration into the SAP system – all data and structures from modules such as SAP HCM PA, SAP HCM TM and SAP HCM OM can be used

Product Details

Always find the right solution for secure OnPremise access control and time recording

dormakaba EACM is a complete solution with comprehensive functionality and benefits for all users. From access control and authorisation management to time recording and production data acquisition.

Advantages for management

  • Greater security and transparency; lower costs
  • A central, international and company-wide solution
  • Future-proof investment
  • Global sales and service network

Advantages for HR managers

  • Integration of all the access processes in the existing SAP management environment
  • Simple time recording and objective calculation of attendance times
  • Familiar user interface
  • Easy, partly automatic assignment of access control rights from SAP HCM OM Organisation Management
  • Workflows for temporary access permissions
  • Personalisation and issuing of user media

Advantages for IT managers

  • Strong performance, security, scalability, availability and tamper-proof thanks to structuring in SAP NetWeaver 7
  • No middleware
  • Full control through a uniform system (no island solutions)
  • Reduced expenses for maintenance, support and training
  • Expertise and agency in SAP
  • Global sales and service network

Advantages for SAP consultants

  • Full access for extensions and customisations
  • Workflow integration
  • Creation of evaluations
  • System monitoring
  • Simple development independent of the manufacturer

Advantages for production managers

  • Automated production data acquisition
  • Safe, central data storage
  • Error-free database for pre- and post-calculation
  • Comparison of job times with the attendance times determined from SAP

Advantages for security managers

  • Increased security
  • Data protection
  • Quicker authorisation management: changes in SAP HCM OM Organisation Management (e.g. in case of relocation) appear in the access hardware within minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Central, uniform and company-wide overall system

Technical Details

  • Strong performance, scalability, availability and tamper-proof thanks to structuring in SAP NetWeaver 7
  • Certified HR-PDC interface
  • No additional hardware or software systems
  • The solution can alternatively be run in the SAP Logistics System and will therefore meet the compliance requirements of the customer, which only permit limited access to SAP HCM OM Organisation Management
  • There is a link available to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central or SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management

dormakaba EACM
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dormakaba EACM

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