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Climate barrier protection at an excessively windy site.


Interserve Education


Leeds, United Kingdom

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Steve Townsend

At Allerton High School the original specification of the main entrance automatic door operators simply did not make the grade. Within one year of its official opening, the stylish new double entrance was proving problematic.  Unable to cope with the site’s excessively windy conditions, the operators were not fit for purpose and didn’t close the doors properly, leading to increased demand on the heating system, reduced staff comfort levels and security risks.

dormakaba’s contribution to the project
With safety and security paramount, the dormakaba ED250A Wind Load Control feature automatically compensates for wind loads of up to 150N by tailoring the door’s driving behaviour appropriately to the prevailing weather conditions.The adjustable electronic latching action helps the door to close properly, eliminating wind load problems and helping to reduce the building’s carbon footprint.
Initially, only one set of the existing problematic operators was replaced to observe the difference in operation between those fitted with dormakaba’s ED250A. The superiority of the ED250 and its suitability for the job was immediately apparent. The second set of doors was subsequently replaced, reducing heat loss and draughts, and most importantly, the school is secure and safe.