The Declare label is like a nutrition label for the building industry. It lists the ingredients in products to help customers ensure healthier indoor living environments. It discloses where a product comes from, the materials it is made from, and its end-of-life pathway. The International Living Future Institute hosts a transparency platform and product database featuring Declare that helps stakeholders in the building industry find products free from hazardous substances.

The Declare label has been approved as a compliance pathway for the green building certification system LEED v4 (Building Product Disclosure and Optimization Credit, Option 1). Declare labels that achieve a declaration status of “Red List Free” fulfill the credit disclosure requirements. The Red List contains the worst in class materials prevalent in the building industry, which pollute the environment, bioaccumulate to toxic levels in the food chain, and/or are harmful to construction and factory workers.

dormakaba is proud to offer the following Declare “Red List Free” labeled products, available on the Living Future Institute’s platform:

Door HardwareRed list free
8000 series exit devicesdownload
9000 series exit devicesdownload
8600 surface closerdownload
8900 surface closerdownload