Training for dormakaba partners

In order to ensure lasting success, it is important to address future challenges. We support this by providing regular training courses involving the exchange of experiences.

Training for dormakaba partners

The dormakaba eLab training platform allows you to complete various training modules online. This forms part of dormakaba's blended learning approach. In this way, the benefits of e-learning and in-class sessions can be combined.

The dormakaba eLab is not a replacement for practice days, but is there to support participants in their preparation.

On certification courses, the participant must pass the corresponding module test in the dormakaba eLab in order to be able to register for the practice day. This is intended to ensure a uniform basis for the practical application of the learning content during the course day. To complete the certification course, participants must pass a certification test in the eLab. If 80% of the questions are answered correctly, participants will receive a certificate valid for two years.

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dormakaba attaches great importance to training its partners in order to provide them with a high level of security and expertise when selling dormakaba products and solutions.