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Private residences

Mechnische Schließsysteme
Türschließer bringen mehr Komfort
dormakaba Glassysteme für ein angenehmes Wohnambiente

Private residences: Cosy and safe

The old saying about a person’s home being their castle is more relevant today than ever. Home is a private, safe space, and above all, a secure place.

Security and comfort

The need for comfort and cosiness in our homes has increased sharply as our modern lives have become more hectic. Private spaces need to balance security, transparency, and cosiness.

dormakaba provides secure, convenient door solutions for everyday use in the home. Many years of experience and a constant flow of new ideas allow us to create a cosy ambience and a secure home. 


  • Accessible outside door
    Apartment block entrance with multiple locks offering controlled and contactless access.
  • Accessible apartment entrance area
    A combination of fire protection and accessible entry to the apartment.
  • Lock systems
    Easy to use and secure.
  • Kitchen
    Modern living with the highest level of security.
  • Bedroom
    Flexible solutions for a contemporary lifestyle.
  • Partitioning
    Elegant solutions give the room a distinctive look.
  • Basement
    Fire protection doors with time-restricted access.