Sheraton Milan San Siro, Italy

Customized access solutions for complete guest comfort


Integrated access solutions for comfortable, barrier-free design

The Sheraton Milano San Siro is a 4* hotel belonging to the international Marriott chain. With modern architecture, over 300 rooms, a spa, fitness center and a large outdoor area with a swimming pool, bar and restaurant, it has everything guests need for a superb stay.

Various dormakaba access solutions within the hotel ensure a secure, comfortable flow of people by providing access authorizations tailored to guests, employees and staff. The result is a fully electronic hotel offering maximum security and convenience.


How are we improving the guest experience and simplifying access to different areas?

  • Individual access control via smartphone, touchless readers, RFID cards, sensor barriers or electronic hotel locks.

  • Sliding doors and movable walls for customizable rooms and sound insulation.

  • Tailor-made solutions for all access points (whether private or public).



Integrated access control for the Sheraton Milano San Siro hotel

Thanks to our integrated access solutions, the Sheraton Milano San Siro effortlessly meets the multifaceted comfort and security requirements of its guests while making day-to-day access easy for employees.

The ST FLEX automatic sliding door

This system provides barrier-free access to the hotel lobby. The ST FLEX is a silent solution that helps maintain a discreet atmosphere for guests and employees alike.

VARIFLEX movable wall system

This sound-insulating, adaptable partition system is designed for flexible room division. Variflex offers tailored solutions for virtually any layout and application. Elegantly combining transparency and sound insulation, the system’s look, sophisticated design and ease of operation can be customized to make optimal use of the space.

The TS 90 Impulse

This basic slide channel door closer combines high-tech design with outstanding value. The key feature of this slide channel door closer is dormakaba’s EASY OPEN technology cam, which makes opening doors simple and convenient.

HSB E02 sensor barrier

This sensor barrier provides touchless access to different areas in accordance with the access authorizations granted. In case of a power failure, the barrier can be traversed freely in either direction. Sensor barriers are an elegant form of access control in supervised areas of a building.

Hotel access management

We provide an array of customized access solutions that can be activated via smartphone, RFID card or sensor barriers. Two solutions in use at the hotel include SR readers and Confidant RFID electronic hotel door locks.

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