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Eye-catching design and durability

Entrance handles - functionality and style

dormakaba entrance handles epitomise the high quality ambitions of the dormakaba brand – designed for excellence down to the very last detail and exuding fine craftsmanship. They offer genuine quality characterised by clearly defined, identical features – irrespective of shape, size or customised manufacturing. By working closely with designers and architects dormakaba are able to offer superior entrance handles and custom made for your distinctive design theme.

  • Ideal complement to all dormakaba fittings
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Custom designs made to order
  • Made of stainless steel
  • High durability

Product details

Attractive design

dormakaba entrance handles come in a high-grade finish with an even, satinised texture, virtually free of contact points throughout the handle section, with irregularities banished and with no shadowing. Needless to say, this also applies to the less accessible locations such as the radii in the curves, the rectangular mitered joints or the transitions from the handle to its supports. Always apparent is the high quality of workmanship and a special regard for fine detail.

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