X-10 High Security Government Lock

  • X-10 Entry with Backlit Display

    1/2X-10 Entry with Backlit Display

  • X-10 High Security Lock & CDX-10

    1/2X-10 High Security Lock & CDX-10

  • X-10 Entry with Backlit Display
  • X-10 High Security Lock & CDX-10

Product Summary

The Kaba Mas X-10 is the trusted choice for securing the Australian, New Zealand and US Government’s most sensitive material. The X-10 is the only SCEC approved self-powered lock that features intuitive backlit display and audit trail, providing the highest in; security, user experience and efficiency.

Security; Full complement of audit features

The X-10 records all successful openings and the record is not resettable. The X-10 also records and notifies the user of unsuccessful attempts after 3 failed attempts. This feature enables the custodian to identify if there has been an attempted breach of their container.

User experience; simple, stress free combination changes

The X-10 lock’s digital visual control minimises the risk of scrambled combinations that are typically associated with analogue type dials. The X-10 provides accurate and stress free combination changes by guiding the user through the procedure whilst securely providing the user with a visual confirmation of their newly set combination during the code changing operation.

Efficiency; battery and maintenance free

The X-10 uses "Green" self-powered technology – simply rotate the dial to power-up the lock.

This proprietary "PowerStar" technology eliminates the possibility of an unexpected battery failure and removes any battery servicing requirements. With its patented self-powered technology, adopting the X-10 means you will never have to replace a battery again.

These unique features plus the added 2-year factory warranty enable you to deploy the X-10 high security lock with confidence, whilst ensuring maximum return on your investment.


  • SCEC approved to SL4 for use on A, B and B+ class containers
  • High security combination lock
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Self-powered, battery free technology
  • 2-year factory warranty
Product Details
  • SCEC Approved to SL4 for use on A, B, B+ class containers
  • High security combination lock
  • Self powered, battery free
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Unsurpassed protection
  • Proven performance and reliability
  • 2-year factory warranty

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