The future of building design

BIM at dormakaba

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Approach:

As the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry emerging towards using Building Information Modeling (BIM) for plan, build and maintain the facility with greater efficiency, we dormakaba already provide our customers with digital illustrations and data on many of our products in order to make architects’ and designers’ jobs easier.

What BIM Means for dormakaba

BIM is more than merely downloading 3D objects in different graphical formats. For dormakaba, BIM means in the first instance supporting our customers by providing up-to-date, reliable and precise product data for the planning, construction and management of buildings. In addition to objects representing all dormakaba products, we are also focusing on providing solutions and services encompassing the entire issue of integrated planning and construction.

What dormakaba offers

We offer customized solutions for project specific requirements integrated in BIM environment as per the BIM Standards either offline or through BIM-360 cloud. Our in-house facility allows us for automated codes and standards checking to ensure fire & life safety in BIM and very soon dormakaba will be releasing the BIM-App which will facilitate interactive specification between dormakaba and Architects or Designers. Our detailed submittal in BIM specification for each project includes:

  • Hardware Specification integrated with each door in BIM
  • Customized Revit families of Entrance systems, Interior Glass systems, Movable partitions with integrated specifications.
  • Door Elevation with indicative hardware location in BIM
  • Hardware Schedule with Images in BIM