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ED 400 Swing Door Operator

The dormakaba ED 400 full power operator is designed for demanding applications such as retail centers, airports, and health care facilities. Engineered for high traffic entrances and heavy-duty applications, the ED 400 can handle doors up to 320 lb per door leaf.

  • Highly adjustable
  • For doors up to 320 lb per door leaf
  • Designed for demanding applications
  • Full and low energy mode
  • Powerful and reliable

Product details


dormakaba Automatics products are tested for one million cycles in climate-controlled test chambers that replicate severe weather conditions. A built-in power boost helps keep the door closed even when it is exposed to high wind or stack pressure buildup. Featuring a state of the art microprocessor control, the ED 400 has a fully enclosed motor gear box, while the concealed spring package provides powerless self closing. Virtually maintenance free, this unit provides smooth, silent door operation.


The ED 400 operator functions as either a low energy operator or a full energy unit and can be modified with the flip of a switch. With a multitude of adjustable features, you have the flexibility to fine tune the door to meet your specific needs - all without the need for special tools or hand-held programming terminals. In the event of power loss, the ED 400 has fuse and electronic power-surge protection. This function allows the closing system to act like a door closer, providing easy manual operation.


The ED 400 is built with the most technologically advanced encoder and microprocessor control, utilizing the most innovative user interface on the market today. The microprocessor is self-learning for the door weight and inertia, providing the smoothest operation. The controller has dedicated circuits and LED status indicators for up to five safety sensors. The easy 3-digit display allows you to monitor the performance of every function for easy diagnostic evaluation.

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