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dormakaba b-comm ERP 5 - Microsoft Dynamics AX

These optional modules deal with functions that are not provided by Microsoft Dynamics AX, but are required by companies in their daily operations. The solution's modular architecture enables you to also use the modules individually. The registration screens on the modules are modern, clearly presented, and user-friendly. The user will find the application fast and intuitive to use. All the modules are available in many languages – a key benefit for international companies.


Product details

Automatic Reporting on Standard Operation

This allows you to automatically register the "unassigned times" of an employee. The unassigned times are added to an overhead order which is created for the particular employee. You can specify the time from which unassigned times should be calculated. If the employee exceeds the specified period between their arrival and starting a job or between finishing a job and starting their next one, the non-productive time is added to the defined overhead order. This allows idle times to be automatically classified and "filled" with an activity. This allows you to ensure maximum concordance between the recorded order time and the amount of time that the employee was actually present.

TRS WebTerminal SFDC

The TRS WebTerminal SFDC allows employees to register and cancel operations from their PC workstation. It can be used to enter orders straight into a screen and report it to the Kaba b-comm ERP 5 system. The system manages and processes the registered data in the same way as data recorded at stationary terminals.

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